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Samuel is the latest addition to our Rehema family. Samuel is a freshman at Nairobi University, where he is majoring in Analytical Chemistry.



Aaron is a third year law student at Kenyatta University School of Law in Kenya. Aaron’s dad died in 2009 when he was 12 years old, and his mom shortly thereafter in 2011. He is the eldest sibling in a family of three. Aaron’s grandmother used to be a farmer and that is how she supported her grandchildren. Over the last few years, as her strength has diminished, the “breadwinner” responsibility has fallen to Aaron. If he had not won this scholarship, he would have been forced to call off his studies. To read more about Aaron, please click here.


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Joseph is a senior at Masinde Muliro University in western Kenya. He is majoring in Agriculture and Biotechnology. Joseph was our very first scholar and the inspiration behind Rehema. One of our founders, Theresa, paid for Joseph's first semester tuition when his family could not raise the $300 he needed to start college. He is a driven young man with the ability to change the world if given a chance. Read more on how the scholarship has changed his life in our News section.